Use commercially plastic hinges for rudder, while for elevators and ailerons use paper masking tapes

Use slots files in the 3D printed files or you can use 3mm plywood (see build video)

See how I installed the 3d printed wing lock on build video

use 3mm foam board or 3mm plywood for the trailing edges, the width is 3 cm or 0.39 inch. Use stack of 5mm foam (4 stacks) for leading edges and carve and sand smooth it.

Use 2x of 3mm plywood for part W38 or firewall. Install the motor straight if you use contra-rotation props, but if you use regular CCW prop, angle each motors about 2 degree to the right.

use 3mm foam board or paper card for part W49

glue carbon/ aluminum tubes permanently to the wing ribs

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Download files :

- C130 Plans A4

- C130 Plans A0

- C130 USCG Decal file A3

- 3D Printed and laser cut files

Build video on Youtube