Because our last big size Su-30 went so good, we made another big size jet again, this time is F-22 Raptor. With slightly smaller wingspan but with the higher wing area compare to my Su-30. Also with the lighter weight, only about 1 kg, make it even smaller wing loading. It flies really great with 4S 2200mAh Lipo battery, 50A ESC and 10x6 prop. I also put landing gear set to the model and it perfectly take off from a runway, but to able to did that I had to swap the propeller with 8 inch from 10 inch prop, so the prop won't strike the asphalt. I think this model can be converted into EDF model jet, because the space on the body of this model is very spacious.

Specs :
1. Wingspan 1000mm / 39.37 inches
2. Flying weight : 1028 grams/ 36.3 oz
3. Wing loading :20.4 gram/dm2 - 6.7 oz/sq.ft.
4. Wing cube loading : 2.9
5. Wing Area : 50.35 dm2 / 780
6. CG : 13.7 cm / 5.39 inch from Wing Break

Electronics for test :
- DXW 3536 1200kv
- Prop 10x6 (2 blades)
- 50A ESC  
- Battery Lipo 4S 2200mah 
- 4 x 9 gram servos (micro servo)

Materials :
1. 5mm  Foamboard/ Depron/ Polyfoam 
2. 10mm Carbon Tube/ Bamboo/ Wood Dowel 1 meter 
3. 0.3mm Mica Plastic
4. hot glue, UHU glue, CA glue, PVA glue
5. Wax paper


Download :

F-22 Raptor RC Plane Plans A4

F-22 Raptor RC Plane Plans A0

F-22 Raptor RC Plane Decal A4

Canopy Mold STL

Pilot STL

Build Video on Youtube