Slit for make holes on the belly of part 1. Use a sharp hobby knife. You can cut it before or after it rolled.

Combine the nose section by attaching each parts with its inner glue-tabs. Insert a ball of paper or you can make it with ball of styrofoam inside the tip of the nose cone. This method is a new way for making the nose tip.

Combine the tail section by attaching each parts with its inner glue-tabs.

Shape part 10 into a belly fairing like the  above picture with the help of glue-tabs (G11). Make holes on belly fairing (part 10) to make way of the wing spars to slip through.

Slip through the wing spars  (F4 and F5) in the belly. Make sure  all of them are centered before apply glue to fix it. Attach horizontal (22 and 23) and vertical (20) stabilizer on the tail section. Make the angle of horizontal stabilizers a bit upward (dihedral). Make sure you shape all the stabilizers into neat curved hollow structure, but glue the end of it. It must be hollowed or it doesn't have strength.

Attach inner wing parts, place and glue them by following the guide lines on the belly fairing.