After a good feedback on Micro F-14 Tomcat I decided to try it on F-4 Phantom as well. At first I build a 360mm wingspan for 3 channel micro RC parts, but turned out too heavy because I need to add alot of counter weight ballast on the nose. So I made another one that smaller which is 290mm wingspan and use 2 channel RC micro parts for the bigger one. I use low density styrofoam (EPS) foam for the main material and you also need hard foam for the nose part, so it will not easily damage when it hit the ground nose first, or you can use balsa wood or even 3D printed nose part like I did. As usual I use a clear canopy made out of heat shrink plastic for packaging, but this time I use simpler molding technique by using Depron foam or hard foam as the mold and abandoned the mold that made out from 3D printed and wood.  

Specs :
1. Wingspan 290mm & 360mm
2. Flying weight : 61 grams & 68 gram

Electronics :
1. WLToys XK A290-F16 toy RC plane (3 channel)
- 1X Coreless motor
- Controller + RX board 
- 3 Channels TX

2. Toy RC plane (2 channel)
- 2X Coreless motor
- Controller + RX board 
- 2 Channels TX

Materials :
1. 50mm  Low/ Medium Density Styrofoam / Thermocol foam
2. Toothpick, Bamboo kebab stick
3. hot glue, UHU glue, CA glue
4. Packing tapes
5. Spray paint + Plastic Primer


Download F-4 Phantom Plans A4

Download F-4 Phantom NAVY Decal A3

3D Printed parts (optional)

Build Video on Youtube