Actually I'm planning to build a new RC Aircraft Carrier, but this one I will build an older one which is USS Nimitz. Like the previous model the first thing I do is to make a small RC plane to launch on top of the deck of the aircraft Carrier. I choose a rather vintage timeline which is 80s era, so I made an F-14 Tomcat. At first I use medium density styrofoam as the main material but also tried using a low density styrofoam. This time I use 3 channel control rather than 2 channel like usually I made a micro RC plane so I hope it will be more precise in control so I can practice landing on the carrier. 

Specs :
1. Wingspan 460mm / 25.5 inches
2. Flying weight : 68 grams/ 2.47 oz

Electronics from WLToys XK A290-F16 toy RC plane (3 channel)
- 1X Coreless motor
- Controller + RX board 
- 3 Channels TX

Materials :
1. 50mm  Low/ Medium Density Styrofoam / Thermocol foam
2. Toothpick, Bamboo kebab stick
3. hot glue, UHU glue, CA glue
4. Packing tapes
5. Spray paint

A4 Plans for F-14 Tomcat micro RC
A4 Decal for F-14 Tomcat micro RC
A3 Decal for F-14 Tomcat micro RC
3D Printed parts (Optional)
Build Video on Youtube