At last finally I build the F-14 Tomcat. I waited for it for so long, waiting to have enough experience on building an EDF jet fighter. As usual this jet model was built by my friend Roy by following my plans, and then sent to me like an empty canvas so I can paint it with VF-84 Jolly Rogers color scheme. This F-14 can move its variable sweep wing, but can it fly with wing swept back? Just watch it till the end on the build and fly video on my Youtube channel

1. Wingspan 1860mm / 73.2 inches
2. Flying weight : 3000 grams/ 105.8 oz/ 6.6 lbs
3. Wing loading : 46.9 gram/dm2 - 15.4 oz/sq.ft.
4. Wing cube loading : 5.9 (Trainer)
5. Wing Area : 63.95 dm2 / 991
6. CG : Check plans

- 2X FMS 70mm 1900kv 12 blades EDF
- 2X Hobbywing 80A ESC
- 6S 5600mah Lipo Battery 
- 4X 9 gram servo
- 2X Standard Servo 6.5kg torque

- Jumper T16 + BetaFPV Express LRS TX module
- 10 ch BetaFPV Express LRS RX
- Flight Stabilization (Gyro) A3V2

Materials :
1. 6mm  Foamboard/ Depron/ Polyfoam 
2. Bamboo Chopstik
3. 5mm Carbon Tube/ Bamboo
4. 0.5mm Mica Plastic
5. hot glue, UHU glue, CA glue, PVA glue
6. Packing tapes



Hey everyone,

As many of you know, I've been passionate about creating free RC model plane designs and sharing them here on the website for the past 5 years. Thanks to your support, my YouTube channel has grown tremendously, and I've loved seeing all your incredible builds come to life!

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Thank you for your continued support!

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