You can build yourself Cessna 172 model plane by following build tutorial on this video. The tutorial is pretty straight forward with easy to understand steps. Start from foam sheet into flying the plane itself with brushless motor electric power and control by radio. Painting process is also covered in this video. This model plane use color from the real plane, it's belong to an Indonesian famous pilot Youtuber Captain Vincent Raditya. This plane is pretty stable and easy handling, but not recommended for beginners who never flown an RC model plane before. The scale looks of this plane is very interesting to see when flying in the air. Take off and Landing are also scale like.

Specs :
1. Wingspan 120 cm / 47.2 inches
2. Flying weight : 800 gram / 28.2 oz
3. Wing loading : 39.2 g.dm2 / 12.9 oz/sq.ft
4. Wing cube loading : 8.7
5. Wing Area 20.4 dm2 - 316 

- Turnigy 2826 1000kv motor (1000-1400kv)
- ESC 30A
- Battery Lipo 3S 2200mah / Li-ion 3S 3300 mah
- 4 plastic gear 9 gram servos
- Propeller : 9x4x3 / 10x5

Materials :
1. 5mm Depron/ Polyfoam
2. 3mm Plywood
3. 2.5 mm bicycle wheel spoke
4. 0.3 mm mica plastic
5. 10 pcs ice cream sticks
6. White packing tape




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