This project is very simple, how to make wind direction windsock using simple and cheap material, which is plastic bags. Windsock is very useful for an RC flying field, it shows the RC pilots which way to take off and landing. Beside useful as a wind direction tool it also decorate your RC field to looks like a real aircraft runway strip, which a windsock always visible. How to make process and calibration is covered in this video.

Specs :
1. Root diameter 24 cm / 9.4 inches
2. Tip diameter 10 cm / 4 inches
2. Length : 90 cm / 35.4 inches

Material :
1. red plastic bag - large size
2. white plastic bag - large size
3. Small celloptape
4. Wire for ring : 80 cm / 31 inches
5. Wire for shaft : 30 cm/ 12 inches
6. Small plastic straw
7. Wooden pole / PVC pipe


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Windsock plans
Build Tutorial Video on Youtube