I am quite happy with the result of this giant RC Boeing 747 part 2. The model looks slick, shiny with packing tapes cover. Also the decal make it looks even more beautiful. The most important result is the weight, it is still half of my target weight which is 2 kg+, so I still can lift if it one handed. Although looks good, the build process was not entirely smooth. The fuselage was tend to twist but I already managed to correct it. To avoid fuselage twisting you have to assembly the top part of the fuselage separately and then, the merging with the wing fairing needs to be done on the last step. This model is designed to be able to fit in my car (Toyota Avanza) for transport.



Specs :

1. Wingspan 4000mm / 157.5 inches

2. Flying weight : target 4000 grams

3. Wing loading :

4. Wing cube loading :

5. Wing Area :

6. CG :


Materials :

1. 5mm + 3mm  Depron/ Polyfoam

2. 3mm Plywood / PVC foam board

4. hot glue, foam-safe glue, CA glue

5. packing tape

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Boeing 747-400 Part 2 Plans (A4)

Boeing 747-400 Part 2 Plans (A0)

Boeing 747-400 Part 2 Decal (A3)

Build Video and maiden flight on Youtube