This jet is sponsored by my friend who owned a Radio Control parts store, he provided all the electronics, including 70mm EDF, retract landing gear, ESC and Lipo Battery. You can visit his stores on 2 links below. We both decided to build Mirage 2000 that have 2 seats, because it looks way cooler than the single seat version. At this project I committed to use foam safe glue for the primary glue for saving weight reason, but in the reality looks like foam safe glue was not suitable for my building style. It's too slow and too weak, but mainly too slow. So this project release is very late. Also the maiden flight was not very smooth to achieved, many days of trial and error, but finally it did fly, gracefully. It achieved by replacing the EDF with pusher prop motor. We plan to use more powerful EDF with 6S in the future, and will update it to you when it happen.

Specs :

1. Wingspan 950mm / 37.5 inches

2. Flying weight : 1480 grams/ 52.2 oz

3. Wing loading :33.2 gram/dm2 - 10.9 oz/sq.ft.

4. Wing cube loading : 5

5. Wing Area : 44.6 dm2 / 691

6. CG : 4.5 cm to the back from 2nd seam, which started from air intake




- Tested with 2836 2700kv brushless motor with 6X4 propeller

- 80A ESC

- Battery Lipo 4S 2200mah

- 3 metal gear 9 gram servos (micro servo)


(Recommended EDF)

- FMS 70mm EDF 12 blades

- 80A ESC

- 2X 3S 2200mah / 6S 2200mah

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Mirage 2000 950mm RC plans (A4)

Mirage 2000 950mm RC plans (A0)

Decal Mirage 2000 (A3)

Camo Mirage 2000 (A4)

Build Video and maiden flight on Youtube