I feel excited when I read that scientists from European and US managed to land a lander on the surface of a comet that was currently wandering the space in 135,000 km/h speed. The comet is named  67P. It took 10 years (2004-2014) to intercept this comet before the mothership Rosetta finally managed to release the Philae lander to the comet's surface. Mothership Rosetta continues to orbit the comet until now. Before it's entering hibernation mode,  its sensor could detect the presence of organism molecules and took some pictures. Currently Philae is not in operation. They said we have to be patient until August 2015 when the surface which comet lander sits is facing the sun, so that its solar panels can provide the power back and continue to explore the comet surface. The paper model is consist of 4 pages of patterns. You will need 2 types of paper to build this, a plain one about 100-160 gsm and 3 mm thick cardboard. The scale of this Philae lander model is about 1:10.