I first saw this green sub in CNN website. It’s a news about James Cameron’s project on exploring the depth of the ocean. Then I Google it to find out more and found out the project is called Deepsea Challenge. The sub itself is named Deepsea Challenger or DVC-1. DVC-1 was developed secretly for 8 years in Australia. On 25 March 2012 it carried James Cameron to the bottom of the Challenger Deep, the floor of Mariana Trench, the deepest soil on earth known to man. There was no blueprint or technical drawing of this sub around the net, so I had to figure out myself the shape of the sub by using the known height which is 24 feet or 7.3 meters and photos I found on the net. I use 1:35 scale and resulted the model height is around 20 cm, not include its display stage. This sub is unique it is operating in vertical orientation, and that reminds me of a mothership in the famous game Homeworld which has very similar shape and also operate vertically. In this paper model I use 2 type of glue tabs, standard glue tabs and inner glue tabs for assembly the main body.