This is Costa Pacifica model, one of 4 luxurious Concordia class cruise ships owned by Italian operator Costa Cociere. They are 4 sister ships, Concordia, Pacifica, Serena and Favolosa. This paper model is very simple and has only a couple of page to print. I use 1:1200 scale for this 24 cm model of 290 meter ship. Few days ago a friend of mine wrote in my Facebook wall, he said "next model will be Costa Concordia". In that time I didn't know what that is, so I Google that words and found out it is a cruise ship that had an accident at sea. I continue search for images of that ship and finally decided to make the template of that beautiful ship as I begin to like creating boat paper model template. I still didn't realize, there are people still missing and found dead aboard on that ship until a couple friend responds on my status on the design progress with disapointment and protest. They were right, I have no respectful motivation to release the Concordia ship, so I change it to Costa Pacifica one of 4 identical ship.