Piper Seneca was once on my wishlist, finally I can get my hand on this type of aircraft. At first I already planned to make Piper Seminole but I thought its T-tail will bring a hard time to build. So to make simple but scale model I choose Seneca II and the end result is surprisingly easy to build. The wing is very similar than the Cherokee that I already built and flown. The performance also very similar to the Cherokee, but with more powerful thrust with twin motors. In this project also the first time I ever use motor for quad/ drone race.


Specs :

1. Wingspan 1200mm / 47.2 inches

2. Flying weight : 900 grams/ 31.7 oz

3. Wing loading : 43 gram/dm2 - 14.1 oz/sq.ft.

4. Wing cube loading : 9.4

5. Wing Area : 20.9 dm2 / 324 sq.in.

6. CG : 3.5 cm



- 2305 2300-2700kv brushless motor with 6 inch 3 blade propeller (x2)

- BLHeli 30A ESC  (x2)

- Battery Lipo 3S 2200mah / Li-on 3000mah

- 4 plastic gear 9 gram servos (micro servo)


Materials :

1. 5mm  Depron/ Polyfoam

2. 3mm + 7mm Plywood

4. 0.3mm + 0.5mm Mica Plastic

5. hot glue, UHU glue, CA glue

6. packing tap/wax paper/ laminating film









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Piper Seneca RC Plane Plans A4

Piper Seneca RC Plane Plans A0

Piper Seneca Decal A4

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