After struggling for almost 2 weeks editing and rendering, this Piper Cub build video is finally released. The problem started when I tried new style of shooting on the build steps, but it ended up a disaster. The result was not watchable with 5X speed timelapse as usual and the lighting also terrible. I need to re-edit and failed render multiple times. This is the best that I can give to you, I think it's better than before (the first render) but still my worst production. Although I think you can still follow my build easily, just like my other videos, only the quality is not good. Beside that, the model itself the Piper Cub is awesome. It flies great, very slow. My last flight was on the last weekend it fly very slow with only 40% throttle but I didn't record it. The flying scene on this video was shoot 2 2 weeks ago. The design is very similar with Cessna 172 build style, but this Piper Cub has more details and longer build time. The CG is spot on, doesn't need any counter weight ballast on the nose.



Specs :
1. Wingspan 1300 mm
2. Flying weight : 850 grams/ 30 oz
3. Wing loading : 34.3 g/dm2 - 11.3 oz/sq.ft
4. Wing cube loading : 6.9
5. Wing Area : 24.8 dm2 / 384
6. CG : 6 cm from LE

- Motor 28/22 1000-1400kv (tested with DYS 2826 1000kv)
- Propeller : 10x6 - 8x6 (tested with 10x6)
- ESC minimum 20A (tested with Aerostar 50A)
- Battery Lipo 3S 2200mah/ Li-ion 3S 3000mah (tested with both)
- 4 plastic gear 9 gram servos
- 20 & 50 mm foam wheel

Materials :
1. 5 mm Depron/ Polyfoam
2. 3 mm Plywood
3. Hot glue, CA glue, Foam safe glue
4. 3 mm, 2.5 mm bicycle wheel spoke wire
5. 1.5 mm wire pushrod
6. white packing tape
7. Zipties (small)
8. 0.3, 0.5 mm Mica plastic

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Piper Cub J3 RC plans (A4)
Piper Cub J3 RC plans (A0)
Swiss Cub Decal (A4)
Swiss Cub Decal (A3)
Build Video and maiden flight on Youtube