I wanted to make Boeing 747 RC model since 4 years ago. I even had the nose section built but never got any further than that. That time the wingspan is still 3500 mm, but now it will be 4000 mm. If my calculation is right the weight will be around 4000 gram. Back then I just build the plane for fun, so I keep being bothered by works and other activities. But now I'm sure it will finish it in about 4 months. I will upload the progress every month and between every update I will make another RC plane model. So when the time for this Boeing 747 is finish, we will have 3 other new model planes too. I use 3mm foamboard for the skin and 5mm for the formers. The landing gear will be fixed and will use pusher prop motors as power plant.



Specs :

1. Wingspan 4000mm / 157.5 inches

2. Flying weight : target 4000 grams

3. Wing loading :

4. Wing cube loading :

5. Wing Area :

6. CG :



- 1 metal gear 9 gram servos (micro servo)


Materials :

1. 5mm + 3mm  Depron/ Polyfoam

2. 3mm Plywood / PVC foam board

4. hot glue, foam-safe glue, CA glue

5. packing tape



Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader (recommended software)

PDF security password : none


Boeing 747-400 Part 1 Plans (A4)

Boeing 747-400 Part 1 Plans (A0)

Boeing 747-400 Part 1 Decal (A3)

Build Video and maiden flight on Youtube