Bango v2 is an answer to many request for another simple plane design and a trainer for beginner. It was designed to surpass Bango v1 performance. The main goal is still the same, which is a trainer plane that is easy to fly and can withstand hard landing even crashes. Because I know beginners usually afraid to crashing their plane, so they held back. That's why I made Bango 2 so new pilots don't have to worry damaging their RC plane when hard landing or crashing. By moving the motor the the center and on the back of the plane make it free to propeller strike to the ground. Also build the vertical stab with 2 layer of foams gives Bango 2 more rugged than Bango 1. Rudder and elevator servo placement that are outside the fuselage also an ease for beginner to install. Bango 2 also equipped with detachable landing gear, if you hard landing with landing gear attached, it will detached by itself and will not damage the fuselage, because the landing gear just held by 2 rubber bands.



Specs :
1. Wingspan 1450mm / 57 inches
2. Flying weight : 835 grams/ 29.5 oz
3. Wing loading : 33.4 g/dm2 - 10.9 oz/sq.ft
4. Wing cube loading : 6.7
5. Wing Area : 25 dm2 / 391
6. CG : 4.5 cm from LE

- Turnigy  2826 2200kv brushless motor
- ESC 40A
- Battery Lipo 3S 2200mah
- 4 plastic gear 9 gram servos
- Propeller : 6x4

Materials :

1. 5mm Depron/ Polyfoam
2. 3mm, 9 mm  Plywood
3. hot glue + Epoxy Glue
4. 3mm bicycle wheel spoke wire
5. white packing tape
6. chopsticks
7. Plastic straw


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Bango 2 RC plans (A4)
Bango 2 RC plans (A0)
Bango 2 RC decal (A4)
Build Video and maiden flight on Youtube