Lee Gunawan done it again! After resizing and building the patterns of Unicorn Gundam 5 times bigger including the weapons, this is his new project. He is on progress on resizing Paper Replika's Iron Man War Machine into life size height, which is 6 times larger than the original paper model patterns.  Although he is making a life size armor, he is not going to use that as a costume to wear. He is in this photo wearing that torso armor because I asked for a photo with other object that can be use as size reference or scale reference. Instead of using any familiar objects, he use his own body :D. His intention is to build an War Machine paper statue, so it can be displayed in future exhibition along with his big sized paper model.  This is the first batch, the head and the torso. The patterns need to printed in A3+ paper size printer. Lee, printed those parts in printshop a digital printing shop. This template also can be downloaded in original Iron Man War Machine page, or on the below as usual.