Continuing the series of Boeing triple seven models, this time I made a Boeing 777-200 template from Malaysian government-owned airline, Malaysia Airlines. This model is also a tribute to the victims of the plane that is still the mysterious its whereabouts. Not as I suppose, after often read the news about the MH370 flight, none of the Mh370 number printed on the airframe. Not much news agency were stating the aircraft registration number, 9M-MRO, but often informed simply by the flight number, MH370. B777-200 was the initial version before the 300 series that I have the previously release.

200 series fuselage is more than 10 meters shorter and without the swept wing tip as the 300 series. 200 series  is 63.7 meters and series 300 is 73.9 cm.  I cut the 300 fuselage, before the wing and after the wing. This model also with different engines, it used Rolls Royce engine. While in the previous release 300 series use General Electric engine.


Assembly nose and front fuselage section by using inner glue tabs (45,46,47,48,49) inside the parts. You can use 100-120 gsm paper for all parts except for ribs and formers.

Assembly wing base, using formers (3 x 73) to form the shape. Use cardboard 0,5 - 1 mm thick cardboard for the formers.

Combine center fuselage section with wing base ans glue them secured. Make sure they are centered.

Assembly the rest of the fuselage, the rear section (15,13,20) glue them together by using inner glue tabs (49,50)

Attach vertical and horizontal stabilizers. Make sure the vertical fin is straight and centered. Glue the horizontal stabilizers a bit angled up.

Assembly the left wing ribs like the image above. Use part 66 and 65 to fix the angle.

Wrap around the left wing ribs with wing skins part (39 an 38). Use inner glue tab no. 54 for glueing both wing skin together.

Do the same for the right wing as already done with the left one.

Assembly the left engine part like the image above. Wrap around part 56 using part 24 with printed side on the inside. Assembly the engine shape using inner glue tabs part 53. Wrap around part 57 with part 27. Wrap around part 58 with part 28. Pay attention to the engine pylon, they are different for left and right engine.

Do the same to the right engine as the left one.

Roll part 9 and 12 from left to right on the patterns. Use 2 part of part 76 for the front tyre.

Roll part 42 and 40 from left to right on the patterns.