To help bring Internet connectivity to more people, Facebook is designing solar-powered airplanes that will beam Internet signal to people in remote, underserved regions within a 60-mile diameter. Each aircraft is designed to be in the air for up to 90 days at a time. It first maiden flight was on 28th June 2016 for 96 minutes flight time and then the second flight was on May 22 2017. A few days after that, someone from Aquila's project contacted me to do commissioned on Facebook Aquila UAV papermodel. He said when it's done it will be shared for free to all of you. I haven't ask his permission to mention his name in this article, so I'll leave it that way for the moment. This model template design was based entirely on publicly available images on the Internet, it is not based on the actual technical drawing. So here it is the template of Facebook Aquila UAV 1/72 papermodel. The built model wingspan will be about 45 cm. I am not an aeronautic major, I'm just a RC plane modeller as a hobby, I wonder it's must be hard to make that long wing rigid. It is very long, it's a beautiful aircraft.  I test build the paper model myself and when I see the result, I think it's quite good for who haven't build any paper craft for years. The assembly instructions are included on the template. Have a nice build :).