New life-sized weapon from DarkAntz. He made awesome jungle camo M200 Intervention sniper rifle. For a COD MW2 lover, this rifle is very familiar. The patterns come with a single file about 5 megs or you can download them part by part. There are some tips from him for building this model, the butstock requires 2 stiff tubes for the telescoping sholder stock. Standard rolled tubes with cardstock is to flimsy for this, so we will need to roll stiff tubes. Roll 1 sheet of standard print paper and use marker to paint black. Please see the first video to see how to make it.

WARNING : It is made of paper and will not actually shoot, just for display purposes. Please be advised, it may built with paper but it surely look like a REAL weapon, please do not use it other than display purposes, such as carry it around on public places. You could have problems with authorities. You can disassemble it when transporting. On some countries possessing this kind of model is illegal, please be sure before making the model.