Due to many request to release these Formula one car templates so here they are, I finally have the time to prepare and share them. These templates were used for making an exhibition decoration props in early 2011, commissioned by an event organizer. The original template was prepared to be use on extended A3 paper size in order to build almost 1 meter length of paper model, but now I have re-size them to fit into A4 paper size. However the 3d model is not accurate, it was a quick modeling because of the deadline to met. All racing teams share the same Formula One car shape and only one template of tires. The teams are : Red Bull, Renault, Ferrari, BMW and  McLaren. The real ones have tires different on front which smaller than the rear one, but I use only one size. As I recall I never made assembly instructions for this, so the best I can provide is a PDO file of what's left of it.