Republic Attact Gunship

Built for raining down enemy forces on the ground as well up in the air with lasers and missiles barrages. The Gunship armor is very rigid and strong, thus it is protecting troops inside. It also a transport craft to lift troops and other heavy arsenal to immediate war arena. Its wing mounted with lasers and also its nose has 2 auto turrets and side lasers controlled by two clones on two protective bubble glass on left and right. This model is very intensive design, took almost 2 weeks to complete, though I plan to finish it in a week :p. On the line, Optimus Prime part 2D :D

Republic Attact Gunship

Republic Attact Gunship

Republic Attact Gunship


nose top

nose cockpit seats

nose cockpit

middle fuselage

middle fuselage back


fuselage bottom

fuselage back


fuselage detail bottom

fuselage detail bottom 2

cargo baydoor

cargo baydoor bottom

wing base

right wing

right wing detail

missiles wing

wing turret

wing assembly

nose turret

cargo door

cargo door assembly

side turret

side turret detail

main cannon ammo