The sole purpose of building this RC airboat is that I need a rescue boat for my RC seaplane. Just in case the seaplane has malfunctioned in the middle of the lake or failed take off or crash on landing, I could rescue it with RC airboat and bring back to the shore. The airboat plans is quite simple but still looking scale. The material is also depron foam 5mm the same material I use for building RC plane. The model is modelled from the real airboat, it is an 18 foot Sportsman from 1000 Islands Airboats from Wisconsin, USA. It's trully a scale model but like semi scale, because I simplify the parts for easier build.

Specs :

1. Hull length 700 mm



- Any Motor with 8 inch prop

- Tested with Turnigy DST 1200kv

- Propeller : 8x5x4

- ESC 20A

- Battery Lipo 2S 5200mah

- 1 plastic gear 9 gram servo


Materials :

1. 5 mm Depron/ Polyfoam

2. 7 mm Plywood

3. Hot glue, CA glue

4. 2.5 mm wire

5. Oracal 65i vinyl sticker / packing tape

6. 0.3 mm Mica plastic


Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader (recommended software)

PDF security password : none


RC Airboat plans (A4)

RC Airboat plans (A0)

Decal RC Airboat plans (A3)

Build Video and maiden flight on Youtube