This model is the second release on the RC project category but the first one that I made a detailed video tutorial for it. In youtube video tutorial I use Bahasa Indonesia because my oral english is not fluent enough to transfer a clear information, even in Bahasa I'm not good too, talking is not my favorite activity actually (lol), but don't worry I already put  English subtitle on it, make sure you turn the translation on (CC).

The reason I made an F-4 Phantom is because I saw it on youtube, a History Channel dogfight documentary. There are some episodes about this Phantom jet in vietnam war era. It looks so bad4ss especially the ones with NAVY color scheme, and in that time I was telling myself that I have to do this in RC model version. I model it in approx. 1:12 scale. I think it's not so hard to convert it into a papermodel later. I hope I have time, I sometimes wish that I can clone myself, so my clone can focus on papermodel and me on RC model. I need to try new frontier which is being a youtuber, I have to focus on it this time.

Okay I already made a pretty straight forward build instructions below, you can find more detail instructions on my youtube channel : Julius Perdana. Enjoy and have fun, happy flying, cheers.




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F-4J Phantom II RC model plans (A4)

F-4J Phantom 100 Showtime decal (A4)