Die Glocke (German for "The Bell") is the name of a purported top secret and highly sensitive Nazi scientific technological device. The only source of this theory are the books of Polish aerospace defence journalist and military historian Igor Witkowski, which claim it to be a secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe. The topic has been popularized by Nick Cook, Joseph P. Farrell and conspiracy theory websites, associating it with Nazi occultism and antigravity or free energy research. The device was first claimed to exist by Igor Witkowski, in his Polish language book Prawda O Wunderwaffe (2000, reprinted in German as Die Wahrheit über die Wunderwaffe), in which he refers to it as "The Nazi-Bell". Little was known or reported on regarding the device until it was popularized in the English-speaking Western world by Jane's Information Group's British aviation editor, journalist and author Nick Cook, in his book The Hunt for Zero Point. Interest grew, and Witkowski's book was translated into English in 2003 by Bruce Wenham as The Truth about the Wunderwaffe. Information about the device has been further spread and speculated on in works of American authors Joseph P. Farrell, Jim Marrs and Henry Stevens. [Wikipedia]

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The Bell is said to be an experiment carried out by Third Reich scientists working for the SS in a German facility known as Der Riese ("The Giant") near the Wenceslas mine. The mine is located 50 kilometers away from Wrocław near the village of Ludwikowice Kłodzkie (formerly known as Ludwigsdorf) close to the Czech border. Cook and Witkowski visited the site for the UK Channel 4 documentary UFOs: the Hidden Evidence (aka An Alien History of Planet Earth).

The device is described as metallic, approximately 9 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet high with a shape similar to a bell. It contained two counter-rotating cylinders filled with a highly radioactive, purple substance only known as Xerum 525, which has been speculated to be Red mercury. When active, The Bell would emit strong radiation, which led to the death of several scientists and various plant and animal test subjects. [Wikipedia]