When I was about to go out to buy some snacks this afternoon, I didn't see my favorite slippers which usually in front of my front door. I searched for it for a while until my daugther came from outside and she wore my slippers. Then I got the idea to make this slippers papercraft :). It called "sandal jepit" in Indonesia, made from flexible rubber. It's cheap and available on many colors. It's commonly colored blue, red and green.

The word is recorded in English in 1478, deriving from the much older verb to slip, the notion being of footwear that is "slipped" onto the foot. Slippers may be shaped like a standard shoe (foot inserted through top), or may have no heel, so the foot can be slipped in the back. They now come in many colourful designs – cartoon characters, patterns and animals are often used to decorate this type of footwear. The traditional British slipper of the Victorian era is the Albert slipper, named after Prince Albert, and is a velvet slipper with plain leather sole and quilted silk lining. It is worn about the house, particularly with black tie, but in modern or fashionable use is worn sometimes outside in informal settings. [Wikipedia]

Slippers - Sandal Jepit Papercraft