The very first time I saw Avengers 2 Age of Ultrons movie trailer, I knew I have to make the Hulkbuster, the new Iron man suit armor into paper model. I posted about that plan on Paper Replika Facebook page on 2014. So here it is on January 2015, the first part of 4 segments is released. The Hulkbuster scale is the same as previous Iron man models, which is 1:6, so the Hulkbuster will be 60 cm in height when it complete. The 4 segments are : head model, torso, arms and leg. This Hulkbuster armor suit is a lot different the comic book version and a lot cooler off course. There will be blank template but it can only be made if part 2 is already released, because the first part only have 2 pages, too few. I still have not decided whether it will be made articulated (action figure) or statue.