Here we are in the "spooktober" again and this time I have release a pretty spooky mask. Combine it with hoodie and a long hair wig will make it even spookier for this Halloween. My son always charge me and hitting me whenever I wear this mask, somehow it made him uncomfortable [lol].  At first I already planned to make a horse mask, but stumbled upon some creepy wolf skull mask on Google image search and divert the plan. The horse can wait. Unlike most of my template, this one I use bitmap texturing, still learning but quite happy with the result. I recommend to use paper above 160 gram, because in build test I use 100 gram HVS and it was quite hard to assembly, but it can be done for skilled builder.


Prepare part 1 before add part 9 and 10. Continue by attaching nose cavity (part 20) from inside the nose hole and then glue the forehead (part 4). Glue the eye sockets from inside the mask (part 2 and 3). Patch the cheek with part 7 and 8 and then continue by attaching part 5 and 6. The last part for this phase is part 17 and 18.

Glue part 11 to form the snout in the correct shape.

Glue the side teeth (part 12) on the bottom of part 11 and then form the lower jaw with part 16,19,21 and 22 and then glue to the teeth part to make skull complete.

Add canine teeth (part 14) and the rest of front teeth (13 and 15)

Add cushion pads just like the picture above. I use 1cm thick EVA foam for cushion pads. Use plastic sheets for part 25 and then make  holes for rubber band and finally glue it inside the cheek bones, i use hot glue for extra strength. You can make holes on the skull's white eyes for your eyes to see through, but I prefer to leave the skull's eye untouched and made holes on the eye sockets just above the eye, just make sure the holes are in the black colored area, so it wont visible when you wear the mask.