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Axiom Security Bot Papercraft

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In the repair ward, WALL-E mistakes EVE's repairs for torture and tries to save her, only to accidentally release a horde of malfunctioning robots to roam the ship. As a result, WALL-E and EVE are designated "rogue robots" by security. Annoyed with WALL-E and his clumsy antics and thinking he stole and lost the plant, EVE tries to send him back to Earth on an escape pod. In the pod launch room, they see Auto's security assistant, GO-4, deposit the missing plant into an escape pod and set it to self-destruct. WALL-E sneaks into the pod to retrieve the plant as the pod is ejected, and narrowly escapes with the plant before the pod explodes. Overjoyed that both WALL-E and the plant are safe, EVE gives him a "kiss" in the form of an electric spark and shares a romantic spacewalk with him before returning the plant to the Captain. [Wikipedia]


Axiom Security Bot

Axiom Security Bot

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