For this project we'll leave the air for a while and hit the water. I made a mini RC boat with waste foam material, which is small styrofoam meal box waste. You can also buy the foam box very cheap or by using 2mm depron foam or XPS foam. I also wanted to experiment for using only servo for the electronics. Inside servo there are few part that are mini ESC and off course mini brushed motor. I use all that parts for thrusting a mini boat. I also experimenting with differential thrust setup and more common setup with single prop and a rudder. Actually the result is better to use common setup with single prop and a rudder, because differential thrust tend to brings more problems, like steering difficulty, broke shaft and drained to many battery ampere. You can choose which setup to suit you best or even improving it.


Specs :
1. Hull length 15 cm / 6 inches

1. 2x 9 gram servo
2. 5V UBEC

Materials :
1. 2mm Depron/ Polyfoam / styrofoam meal box
2. small plastic straw
3. 0.3mm Mica Plastic
4. 1.5 mm cable



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Download Mini RC boat plans
Video tutorial on youtube about Mini RC boat