Airbus A320 Paper Model - White Livery for Recolor


I received many request in airliner series and questions about how to customized livery of an Airline plane from Paper Replika. I decided to share the blank/white page template for you to recolor with your own style or your favorite airlines livery. This blank template comes in a package which consist of bitmap files (JPEG), vector images (EPS) and pepakura file (PDO). The PDO file is not developed on purpose, it's function is to be a 3D guide for recoloring which I will share with you how to do it in the next tutorial.  The first one is this Airbus A320, the others will catch up later.



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Open the PDO file with Pepakura Viewer (recommended software)
for Pepakura Designer PDO security password : paper-replika


Airbus A320 Paper Model - White Template for Recolor template