Iron Patriot - Iron Man 3 Paper Model Part 3


Finally I completed all the Iron Patriot paper model part. This project started on April 2013, it's been 4 months. As I already mentioned before, this is my last Iron Man model template, I had enough with Iron Man. Don't worry Cristiano and Suraj are now preparing for Iron Man Gemini part 1 to be released, so there will still be new Iron Man models around. Also as usual this paper model comes with 2 version of template, colored and blank one. The template consist of 12 pages of patterns. Assembly instructions only cover the right leg part. Now I am preparing for modeling a Jaeger from Pacific Rim movie.

Assembly the hip base (part 1 and 2). Insert the thigh axle into the shaft hole in part 2, centered it and glue it. Attach both ball joints on the axle (part 34).

Add the hip base part by attaching part 4 and 5, also the accessories (part 8 and 46).

Complete the hip part by attaching part 6 and 7 to the hip base part.

From here the assembly instructions will only cover the right leg part. The left leg parts are numbered the same as the right one, but the parts are mirrored. Assembly the right foot base with part 25,22,21. Combine part 25 and 22 like as the image above, the flap on part 25 will functioning as a hinge.

Complete the foot part with accessories.

Assembly the lower leg base part, part 24. Make a hole first before assembly part 24 with glue. And then attach the accessories. Attach part 16 in place before layering with part 23.

Attach more accessories on lower leg base part. Make sure part 39 hole is aligned with a hole in part 24. Assembly instructions to be continued in page 2.

Attach the knee hinge (part 32) with combining first with part 31. Insert them into the lower leg part and glue them with super glue, or with a lot of PVA glue and let it cured well.

Assembly the upper leg base part (part 28,29,30 and 14).

Attach the accessories part on the upper leg part. You may want to layer part 37 with cardboard to add thickness.

Insert the knee axle part 35 in place. You can fill inside part 35 with rolled of paper and glue it to add strength or you can use other material instead of paper that is stronger.

Cover the knee joint with part 33 and then attach part 33. Finally cover the lower knee with part 11,36 and 44.

Assembly the display base with part 47,48 and 49. You can layer part 48 with cardboard from inside to add strength or you can use part 51 inside the base to add support to the model weight.


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Iron Patriot - Iron Man 3 Paper Model Part 3 template (colored)
Iron Patriot - Iron Man 3 Paper Model Part 3 template (blank)