Unyil - Puppet Show Character


Unyil is a character from a television puppet show in 1980's. Unyil was a very popular tv serial at its time, it played every sunday morning. The main characters are Unyil, Usrok and Ucrit, they all students in the same elementary school, they also have a music band. The serial reflects solidarity and tolerance in Indonesia, the have and the poor, different culture and different religions all are helping and caring to each other. Unyil has a very good education for the children. I always watch when it played when I was a kid. Unyil also contributes to my interest in miniatures with its miniature sets, detailed small houses, trees and vegetations all in scale models. Sadly they ceased to air again since 1993, they were losing their fans through floods of import tv animations in all indonesian television stations. All characters now can be seen at Jakarta Puppet Museum.Unyil - Puppet Show Character


Unyil ressurected with new fresh format in 2007. It called Laptop Unyil, a program for educating children. Although they have remove the story but still maintaining Unyil image to educates children. In Laptop Unyil third anniversary which held by Trans-7 on saturday March 13th 2010, Paper Replika Indonesia was invited to participate on Unyil model making competition this morning. We won the first place, others are stone carving, styrofoam carving, chocolate diorama. We won with paper creativity.

Unyil - Puppet Show Character


Unyil - Puppet Show Character


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