Extended Parts for Honda Civic RR3 RC Car Body.


I added a page of pattern of frames or formers for Honda Civic RR3 paper model. It is for you who build this model to become a body for a 257 mm wheel-based RC car as I did. The frames are needed for keeping the model in shape, because large models tend to deform. For you who build this as a stand alone paper model, you don't need these parts. You can download the file on this post and I already replace the original file as there are also revision on few parts that had unnecessary glue tabs. As you see on the picture below, I use 1.5 mm thick cardboard for the formers. The model itself assembled using 260 gsm (gram per square meter) art-paper, printed with digital printing printer in a print-shop.

More detail assembly instructions on the original post, go here.

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Extended Parts for Honda Civic RR3 RC Car Body template