PINDAD SS-2V4 1:1 Assault Rifle Paper Model


This auto/semiauto assault rifle is designed and manufactured by PINDAD. This rifle also called SS-2V4 Para Sniper, because of the long range scope addition. The paper model template was unfolded by Samuel Argaputra, based from the original Point Blank shooter multi-player game 3d model rifle file. This is his second template that is shared in Paper Replika, his first was a hand-drawn Mig-21 template, when he was at junior high two years ago. The template comes in PDF, in life-size scale and  without color or blank. Photos below was assembled by Rew Papercrafter, he paint it black with spray paint.




You can download this template at my friend's site

Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader (recommended software)
PDF security password : artonpm


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