Cupank Mk.2 Flying Boat Paper Model


Inspired by the works of an impression artist Ian McQue, my fellow paper modeler Rizky (Tekzo) designed his own flying boat he called Cupank 2.0. Floating with its anti gravity engine and thrust with a single jet engine. He made his boat as it looks like it was built in the junk yard with rust and weathering effect everywhere. It is interesting he also include its slogan, Cupank : "her mouth is worst than her bite" as the name Cupank I think it is  derived from Cupang, a type of fighter competition fish, which was very popular in the 80's in Indonesia. I remember when I was a child in 80's my friends were competing their fish in one on one fight in a glass jar until one fish is injured. It's good to know that I don't see any of that kind of activity now among kids nowadays , Cupang is actually a beautiful fish with colorful color and long tail. Rizky made this model template in 1:35 scale.



You can Download it at Rizky's blog

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