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ETA-2 Cockpit Papercraft Template

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Paper Replika recently displayed photos of ETA-2 models that have been assembled and modified by Tomasz Bąk. Now the pattern is already with me and Tomasz has give his permission for me to share the pattern of his modifications. Assembly instructions are available on this page and included with the PDF patterns.

ETA-2 Cockpit (Patterns)

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74-Z Speeder Bike - Star Wars Papercraft

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The 74-Z speeder bike, sometimes referred to as the Imperial speeder bike due to its use by scout stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire, was a speeder bike manufactured by Aratech Repulsor Company used for reconnaissance purposes, as well as rapid transportation in combat zones.

They were capable of reaching speeds up to and beyond five hundred kilometers per hour, and had a flight ceiling of twenty-five meters. 74-Zs were the military variant of the civilian 74-Y. They were controlled by handlebars located towards the front of the vehicle, and foot pedals slung underneath adjusted speed and altitude.

The highly maneuverable vehicles were equipped with sensor and communications devices located between the handlebars, including a comlink and a comlink-jamming device. They were armed with a forward rotating blaster cannon for combat.

They were also equipped with a very powerful boost that could propel them over vast distances in a shorter amount of time. [Wookieepedia]

74-Z Speeder Bike - Star Wars

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Vulture Droid - Star Wars Papercraft

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The starfighter carried four blaster cannons and two energy torpedo launchers, and could reach 1200 kilometers per hour in a planet's atmosphere. When not in flight, the ship could transform into a walking weapons platform, used for ground patrol and troop support. While in this walking mode, a droid starfighter could also latch onto surfaces in zero gravity, allowing the fighters to patrol from the outside hulls of capital ships. When docked in a hangar, they would often flex their components as part of self-maintenance. Vultures were also programmed to self-destruct if their link with their host control ship was severed. [Starwars-Wikia]


vulture droid

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