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Introduction on How to design Paper Model Using Computer Software Tutorial

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As I said before on my tweet and Paper Replika Facebook page, this is it, the first chapter on how to design paper model by using computer software. I'm trying my best to explain it in my average English language. I hope you can understand what I'm going to share with you. This tutorial or this method is unique, you can't find it anywhere else. The list of the softwares we're going to use:

  1. Gmax : a free 3d modeling software from Discreet, it has exactly the same feature on 3d modeling as 3d max (3D Studio Max), except for rendering, and animation. It was designed to modify and modeling objects in 3d games. You need to register (free) to obtain this software. You can download here (
  2. A Max script for translating gmax 3d coordinate into OBJ file format, a Wavefront 3d format. You can download here (
  3. Pepakura Designer : a free unfolding software from Tamasoft. The free version (unregistered) still can be use except you can't save your work or export your work. You can download here (
  4. Inkscape : is a free vector image editing software, the interface looks a lot like coreldraw or adobe Illustrator. You can download here (

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