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RC Airliner Boeing 737-300

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There are many request for me to build an RC airliner. I once build a small Boeing 737-800 in the past, the wingspan only 1400 mm/55 inch with pusher prop. But I haven't made the build video tutorial of it and the plans for you to build. So here it is Boeing 737-300 with 1800mm/71 inch wingspan. I will still use pusher prop, this time I will use twin pusher props. No EDF yet, because I haven't use EDFs before, so I will not make this huge model to learn using it. I will make F-35 after part 2 of this Boeing 737 to learn how to use EDF. If it succeed, I will make other EDF airliner in the future.

Specs :
1. Wingspan 1800mm / 71 inches
2. Flying weight : target below 2000 grams/ 70.5 oz
3. Wing loading : -
4. Wing cube loading : -
5. Wing Area : -
6. CG : -
7. 1 set of Servoless Retractable Landing Gear

- 2X Turnigy 2826 2200kv brushless motor
- 2X ESC 40A
- Battery Lipo 2X 3S 2200  - 3S 5200mah - 2X Li-ion 3S 3300 mah
- 3 plastic gear 9 gram servos
- 3 metal gear 9 gram servos
- Propeller : 7x5 APC

Materials :
1. 5mm & 10mm Depron/ Polyfoam
2. 3mm Plywood
4. 0.3mm Mica Plastic
5. hot glue + CA glue + UHU glue
6. white packing tape



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RC Airliner Boeing 737-300 plans
Build Video Tutorial on Youtube