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Nyango Star Papercraft

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I saw this cute costumed drummer recently in Youtube, she or he is very skilled drummer. She/he has a pattern, starts with normal drumming then in the middle she/he suddenly snaps and begins to change from normal beat into metal beat. She/he is an apple with a cat face, an apple cat. Its name is Nyango Star, I thought it comes from mango fruit, but I think the name comes from Ringo Starr, The Beatles drummer but I don't know. This chibi style of Nyango is about 15 cm high when it fully assembled.

Combine part 1,2,3, and 7 first, as a base of all. Attach both legs (part 8 and 11), watch the seam's arrow on part 2. Glue each ears just like the picture above (9 and 10). Attach both hands (part 4 and 5) and finally finish it with a leave oh its head (part 6)

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