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DHC-2 Beaver 1/32 Papermodel - Page 4

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Attach all the wheels on each float so the wheels can support the float. Combine the 2 floats with both part 34. And then attach all the struts (38, 39, 40 and 41) as shown above. Positioned all the struts as the image. I use hot melt glue to cheat this step. Make sure you use the correct paper, which is 80-100 gram paper for all the struts and spinner.

Turn around the aircraft upside down and then glue the previous set of floats on to the fuselage. When the glue cured/ dried attach the rest of the struts (36 and 51) and then work on the other side. Glue all the steps (49-54) on the struts as shown on the image above.

Assembly the spinner (43-45) and then attach all 3 propellers. Attach roll of paper (47) inside the spinner cone and then glue the propeller set on to the engine center.

Glue the beacon light (15) on the fuselage.



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