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DHC-2 Beaver 1/32 Papermodel - Page 2

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Use a toothpick on part 7 to be a spar for the horizontal stabilizers (16 and 17). When the stabs are in place cut the "black line" on each wing tip with scissors and insert part 19 on each stabs. Assembly the fin (13,G13 and 14) and then insert a former (F13) inside that fin align with the rudder hinge. Glue part 18 first before finally glue the fin on the tail section.

Carefully Make holes with sharp cutter on part 4 so the spars can get thru (F4B and F4C)

Score the fold line on the wing (20) and fold like the image above, make the top side slightly curved. Glue sets of formers (F20) inside the wing part. Close the top part and glue the wing on the trailling edge.

Insert the spars and glue both wings (20 and 21). Attach wing support struts (35)


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DHC-2 Beaver 1/32 Papermodel Template

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