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First Order Stormtrooper Wearable Helmet Papercraft

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There are some requests for wearable new stormtrooper helmet, the First Order one. I know someone already made it, and the template already around on the net, but with the release of the 1/6 papercraft figure, I think why not I enlarge the head alone into wearable helmet. At first I send the enlarged template to 3 of my friends in Peri Facebook group to be built as test build. The result was everything looked good just need a little bit adjustment on the texture alignment on a part. The template for test build was originally in A3 format (6 pages), but for the release version I break some of the parts to fit into A4 paper (9 pages). You can use assembly instruction from heavy stormtrooper. The helmet it's not exactly 1:1, because I enlarge it 5 times instead of 6 times. So here it is, you can build it for Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens premiere :D.


This helmet papercraft was built by Roni Imaduddin

This helmet papercraft was built by Michael J Ch Liem

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First Order Stormtrooper Wearable Helmet Papercraft template