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PixelMogul paper Craft : Ghost Train and Limo Lotti

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These two cute papercraft templates are from a game for iPhone/iPad called "PixelMogul". All the beautiful graphics were designed in pixel art. The game is kind of city or landlord simulation. These templates are official paper craft. Pixel LLC, a small studio for design and code which is the app developer created the templates. Because they love paper craft, to promote the game they made two simple models of some elements that occur within the game. They have plans to publish a new model about every 10 days. These first ones are Ghost Train and Limo Lotti. Ghost Train is a purple cute... ghost train and Limo Lotti is a kind of yellow food vendor. Cool, isn't it? I still wonder how to make an iphone game app. It is one of my dreams to designed my own game.

The assembly instructions are included on the templates.


Ghost Train papercraft template
Limo Lotti papercraft template

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