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Building Oblivion Drone Paper Model Stop Motion Animation

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This video was submitted by Maxim Rozhkov from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The assembling of the drone model and video editing on video animation program took one and half week. He made his first papercraft stop motion animation video nearly 2 years ago, but he didn't do it often, nearly 1-2 video per year. He said he had a strong desire to assemble the Oblivion drone if it were made into a paper model everytime the drones were on screen, while he was watching Oblivion in Cinema. "Luckily I finally found one at Paper Replika", he said.

Photo above is built by Rew Papercrafters from Makassar. He use 260 gram of paper, took 2 days for assembly.



Building Oblivion Drone Papercraft Stop Motion Animation  video on youtube

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