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Amenemhet III - Black Granite Pyramidion Paper Model

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This model may looks familiar for those who ever saw my own depiction of Illuminati pyramid model. That was just my imagination though, but this latest pyramid model is a real deal. This so called "pyramid capstone" can be seen on museum on Cairo, Egypt. According to some articles about pyramid that I have read, the pyramids in their time was not like jagged stone bricks like we seen in our time. Those pyramids some covered with white limestone with smooth surface, and clean look, like modern building today. On the top of each pyramids there were a capstone, some made by red granite. There is one black granite that belongs to a King from Middle Kingdom (12th Dynasty : 1860 BC to 1814 BC), the name was written on that capstone, he is Amenemhet III. There's also inscriptions on it that says "Amenemhet beholds the perfection of Re". Re is the Ancient Egyptian Sun God.




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