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Flazz BCA TV Advertisement Prop Paper Craft

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In 2010 I was commissioned by a Jakarta based production house "Seven Sunday" to make paper crafts for shooting property. It was for a Flazz BCA electronic money card TV advertisement stop motion animation, directed by Ivan Handoyo. I also worked together with Maya Hirai from School of Origami, I also helped by my friend who also a PERI member, Roy Sitompul. Our task was to provide a car and small and simple buildings that represent fast food drive through, parking payment booth and fuel station booth. The car I made was inspired by a Mercedez CLK sports car, but I don't remember which series. I striped all the spoilers and made it a streamline shape. In this post I share the building props patterns, but with little difference because we changed them a bit on site. Also I can't find the car patterns, as I remember, I also made it on site with a half planned and a half improvisation.



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