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Humvee Super Deformed Paper Craft

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I still don't have any updates for the next paper model for Paper Replika. I am still doing commissioned project when my friend Chris post his new work in our PERI Facebook group wall. Chris aka Bamboogila usually likes to create papertoy of his own creation but this time when he got bored with papertoy he make a super deformed Humvee. This is also his first time using Adobe photoshop for making the model's texture, the result is so cute yet realistic texture. Humvee is a light armored personnel carrier vehicle mainly use by US military forces. High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), or spelled Humvee. Humvee has many version and its armor keep updated by using combat experience gained in many war theater. Humvee also available for civilian which built in a special variant called Hummer. I hope Chris will make that civilian version too. This humvee cute model has only one page in JPEG format.



You can download this template in my friend's site

Open the JPEG file with any bitmap viewers
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