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Built Iron Man War Machine Paper Model (Photos)

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After seeing design progress documentation, perhaps you are wondering how it would be looks like when the model in complete assembled. I have collected 31 photos from 4 different builders from 4 different country. The first one is Rauf Raphanus, he is my friend and fellow member of PERI, he built War Machine model with "Stardream" colored paper (metallic paper). He used 3 colors, dark gray, silver and gold. The model which he built now stand in front of me on my work desk, I commissioned him to build this War Machine model for me. The second builder is Suraj S. Prakash from India, I used one his built photo for my Facebook timeline cover image. He made the model using color template printed on plain paper. The third builder is Charles from USA, he add one LED inside the chest and distribute the light using optical wire to the eye and both palms. The last builder is Chen Xiangpen from Singapore, he also used metallic colored paper. The best part is he also add LEDs inside model's head and chest and make his own wall of armor container for his War Machine model as you can see on one of the photo below.



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War Machine model